Culture Days at the Cross-Cultural Center

Culture Days Mission Statement

The UC Davis Culture Days programs build an inclusive and welcoming campus community through development of collaborative efforts across campus and a wide range of programs that raise awareness and celebrate our cultural diversity. Culture Days serve diverse communities and support the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body by providing students with opportunities for cultural exploration and leadership development.

What Is Culture Days?

With over 40 plus years of vibrant history at UC Davis, the Culture Days programs were initially started by students and student organizations who came together to celebrate their culture and provide a platform for education for the whole campus community. These programs provide an opportunity for celebration, education, and awareness while contributing to a campus climate that is welcoming, inclusive and safe for all members of the campus community.

Culture Days Information

Asian Pacific Culture Week
Since its inception in 1973, Asian Pacific Culture Week (APCW) has provided the UC Davis campus with cultural programs designed to both educate and celebrate. APCW became a University sponsored program in 1979 and has grown into an annual event anticipated by students, faculty, staff, and members of the Davis community alike.
Asian Pacific Culture Night
Providing the climactic finale at the end of the week is Culture Night, the annual talent showcase featuring performances by students, and professional groups. Combining traditional and contemporary styles, the performances reflect the changing face of Asian American culture.
Black Family Week
Black Family Week is a time to celebrate and bring awareness to the history and presence of the African Diaspora community at the UC Davis campus. These weeklong events consist of educational, social, cultural, and artistic programs enhancing the overall fellowship geared toward reviving the Black UC Davis community.
Black Family Day
Black Family Day is a community and family-friendly event celebrating the historical, social, artistic and educational achievements of the African Diaspora campus community at UC Davis. It is an opportunity to build community and commemorate with students, alumni, family and friends. Read More...
La Raza Cultural Days
La Raza Cultural Days (LRCD) is designed to educate the campus and community about the social, cultural and political issues facing the Chicano/Latino community, while celebrating the traditions and contributions of Chicano and Latino cultures.
Native American Culture Days
Celebrate the traditions and contributions of Indigenous cultures. Create a space on campus for Native music and dance, Native voices, Native art and Native culture to be vibrantly visible.