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Provost Fellowship For Diversity in Teaching

The Faculty-in-Residence Initiative supports the Cross Cultural Center’s (CCC) mission to “to foster a multicultural community through education and…..cultural diversity and establishing an environment of cross-cultural learning and exchange for the entire campus.” The following four areas of focus underline the key objectives of this program:

  • Promote and sustain creative and scholarly approaches to diversity and multicultural competence

  • Enhance the multicultural competence of UC Davis faculty in teaching

  • Increase capacity to work effectively with a broad range of students

  • Become a resource for the UC Davis Campus vision of Excellence: “Affirm our abiding commitment to diversity, as represented in our community and in our perspectives, as foundational elements of our excellence. We shall celebrate our cultural and intellectual richness and be resolute in advancing inclusion and equity in our community”

The Initiative enables UC Davis faculty to devote significant time and energy to work that is of mutual interest and benefit to the faculty member, the Cross Cultural Center, the Campus Council on Community & Diversity (CCC&D) and the larger UC Davis educational community.  In consultation with the Academic Senate, any new course developed through this initiative may be part of the regular rotation of the faculty member.

One Faculty-in-Residence joins the CCC for a full year and contributes to one or more of the existing General Education (GE) requirements.  We also invite the Faculty-in-Residence to develop and implement new academic initiatives such as: research articles for publication, serving as a speaker/panel member, and/or mentorship of undergraduate student research interest consistent with the purpose of the program.  These activities meet and satisfy the objective of APM 210 (d) (1).

What is the Provost’s Fellowship for Diversity in Teaching/Faculty In Residence Program?

Each year, one or two faculty members are selected via a competitive process to serve as provost fellows for one year working to advance the objective of the Provost Fellowship in Teaching Diversity.  The objectives of this new program are twofold:  first to develop a new academic course that will satisfy the GE requirement of the campus towards graduation for undergraduate students.   Second is to provide one-on-one mentorship with undergraduate students who are interested in doing social justice work, research with a faculty member or in general want to connect with faculty at UC Davis.  

Who is the fellow for the current school year?

Deb Niemeier, Engineering Department,, 530-752-8918.


Depending upon the scope of the work, a course release time will be provided for each Faculty-in-Residence.  A furnished office is located within the new CCC together with administrative support by the CCC staff.  Alternatively or in addition, a stipend of $2500 would be available for research.  Also, travel funding in support of the work may be provided.  This support will be from funds provided by the Hate Free Community Initiative Funds and the CCC budget allocated by the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.       

Director Bruce
Bruce Smail
Phone: (530) 752-4911
Office Coordinator Erica
Erica Perez
Office Coordinator
Phone: (530) 754-5975

Professor Deb Niemeier

Deb Niemeier is a researcher in Transportation, energy consumption and land use interactions; as well as sustainability; urban environments and climate change; and poverty. Her recent work includes the PM hotspot guidance issued by EPA (lead author) and Transportation chapter of the 2012 Southwest Climate Change Inventory (lead author). She is currently a member of the National Academy of Engineering Board on Energy and Environmental Systems. She has published more than 120 journal articles and numerous book chapters. She has been the major adviser for 22 Ph.D. students, a number of whom are now faculty members.

Contact Deb

Deb Niemeier
Deb Niemeier
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor
Phone: (530) 752-8918

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