Art Lounge

The UC Davis Cross Cultural Center  displays artwork in its front Art Lounge and hallway that is reflective of its mission:

Born out of student activism and political struggle, the UC Davis Cross Cultural Center provides a culturally relevant community space where student voices can be expressed and respected.  The CCC cultivates critical consciousness and cultural competency by providing learning opportunities at the crossroads of the many aspects of our identities and experiences.  By embracing our cultural and intellectual heritage, the CCC supports student leadership in advancing our collective vision for community empowerment and social justice.

Who is eligible to apply to showcase artwork in the CCC?

Any current undergraduate, graduate, staff, faculty, or community member may apply to submit art to be displayed in the center.

How is my art chosen?

  • The artist must submit the CCC Art Lounge Application Form with the five digital samples of their exhibition via email.
  • Exhibitions need to be five pieces or more.
  • Your art addresses cultural, ethnic or racial issues and/or focuses on fostering social justice.
  • Art chosen is exhibition-based, meaning that the committee would prefer a collection of five or more pieces from each artist, with the exception of large-scale pieces.
  • Your art fits within the parameters of the space available at the center. No work of art can be longer than 6 feet long or 4 feet tall. Additionally, no individual piece of artwork can weigh over 20 pounds.
  • Your art is chosen by a committee of one career staff member and two student staff, determining how it fits the themes of the center

What are my expectations and responsibilities?

The artist must meet with the Office Coordinator in person and go through a checklist with them regarding the items below:

  • The artist must submit the CCC Art Lounge Application Form. Please turn in the application form at the Cross Cultural Center's front desk (located inside the Student Community Center) or via email.
  • The artist must provide the CCC with five digital samples of their exhibition via email, in addition to the CCC Art Lounge Application Form.
  • Exhibitions need to be five pieces or more.
  • The artist agrees that the CCC may publish and disclose information about them and their work.
  • The artist agrees to abide to CCC policies and procedures.
  • Art is hung at its own risk. The CCC is not liable to what happens to the hanging of artwork in the center, whether it falls, in case of theft, or any other scenario.
  • Our Art Lounge is based off of an art hanging system that works only with two-dimensional artwork. Framed art is hung on the back and matted art is hung through clips.
  • All email contact or questions should be directed to office coordinator, Jenifer Dalal (she/her) at (530) 754-5975 or

Space Dimensions

Height: 9ft 

Front wall: 16ft 10in 
1st Hallway Wall: 5ft 6in 
2nd Hallway Wall: 9ft 2in 
3rd Hallway Wall: 13ft 
4th Hallway Wall: 13ft 
5th Hallway Wall: 7ft 

Extended Sections: 
1st Section: 3ft 9in 
2nd Section: 5ft 
3rd Section: 3ft 9in 
4th Section: 3ft 
5th Section: 3ft 9in