Community Resources

The following are just some of the many resources available on and off of campus for students of color. These spaces are where we are able to find community, explore our identities, and celebrate our cultures.

Asian Pacific-Islander (API) Community Resources

African Diaspora Community Resources

  • African American and African Studies Department: "African American & African Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Scholars investigate the history and culture of African descent peoples, exploring both the ways in which African-descent experience is configured by social, political, and economic factors, and the aesthetic dimensions of the experience as expressed in the arts and literature."
    Location: 2201 Hart Hall
    Phone: (530) 752-1548
    Dionica Bell, Africa American Studies Major Advisor:
  • African Diaspora Cultivating Education (ACE) : “The ACE strives to increase the number of African Diaspora individuals earning a college degree through comprehensive recruitment and retention efforts.”
    Location: 1100 Student Community Center (1st floor inside the SRRC)
    Phone: (530) 754-6836 (ask about ACE)
    Denisha Bland, Student Director/RROC Representative:
  • Afrikan Black Coalition: “The derogatory relationship between the University and their Black student population was linked to historical oppression Black African people have faced throughout the advancement of western civilization. Thus UC-ABC was founded to preserve the cultural traditions and political fervor of Diasporic Africans, within the student population of the UC System.”
  • Black Pages: The African Diaspora Student Experience: “Written by and for UC Davis students, this guide will help you explore the African and African American community on campus.”
  • Center for African Diaspora Student Success (CADSS): “The CADSS is intensively focused on the retention, persistence, and graduation of all undergraduate students of the African diaspora at the University of California, Davis.”
    Location: 420 Hutchison Drive (2nd floor of South Silo, Room 270)
    Phone: (530) 754-0854
    Kayton Carter, Director of CADSS: kaycarter@ucdavis.ed

Chicanx/Latinx Community Resources

  • Argentine Tango Club: “Our mission is to share the rich history, the tradition, the music, and the subculture of Argentine Tango and promote its growth within the Davis/Sacramento community.”
  • Baile de Fuego: “We welcome dancers of all levels to join us on a journey to connect with others in a safe space!
  • Brown Pages: The Chicanx/Latinx Experience: "Here, members share dancing events, and learn about the Latin dance community in Davis and Sacramento.”
  • Center for Chicanx/Latinx Academic Student Success: "CCLASS has staff members who provide academic advising, counseling, internship and career services and tutoring, and facilitate formal and informal interactions with faculty members."
    Location: 243 Memorial Union (2nd floor)
    Phone: (530) 752-8508
    Cirilo Cortez, Ph.D., CCLASS Director:
  • The Central/South American and Caribbean Student Alliance (CENSOCA): “It is a student initiated group that caters to students who identify with Central, South American, and Caribbean identities.”
  • Chicanx Studies Department: "The Department of Chicanx Studies is an international, cross-disciplinary program of research, teaching, and public service intending to provide U.C. Davis students an opportunity to understand and work with the experiences, values, cultural representations, and socio-economic issues of the Chicanx/Latinx community."
    Location: 2102 Hart Hall
    Phone: (530) 752-2421
  • Chilean Student Association: “The Chilean Students’ Association at UCDavis is a non-profit organization devoted to promote scientific and academic exchange between Chile and UC Davis.”
  • Clinica Tepati: “Clinica Tepati is a non-profit, student-run clinic in Sacramento, CA that provides free primary health care services to the uninsured population of Sacramento and the surrounding area.”
  • La Concencia: “La Conciencia is a media outlet for the student of color experience produced by students for our communities at UC Davis.”
  • Hermanos Macehual: “This organization shall be created to form a brotherhood uniting the Chicano /Latinos in Davis and to provide assistance, within our constraints, to Chicano/Latinos and underrepresented people in any possible manner.”
  • La Familia: “La Familia de UC Davis is a support group for Chican@/Latin@ queer-identified students.”
  • Peruvian Student Association: “The Peruvian Student Association is a student organization at UC Davis. It is a community where students can share and educate one another about Peruvian culture.”
  • La Raza Pre-Law: “The purpose of the La Raza Pre-Law Student Association at the University of California, Davis, is to provide a means for understanding entry into the field of law for Latino students as well as students of other historically underrepresented minorities.”
  • Medicos Nicaragua: “MEDICOS Nicaragua is a student-run program developed to promote educational and cultural exchange and provide international medical experiences.”
  • Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MECHA): “MEChA de UC Davis strives for social, educational, cultural, economic, and political empowerment within our Chicanx/Latinx UC Davis Community.”
  • Mujeres Ayudando La Raza: “Mujeres Ayudando La Raza’s purpose is to create a support group primarily for but not exclusive to Chicana/Latina students”
  • Roxana Reyes, Community Advising Network (CAN) Counselor: Emphasis areas in: AB540 and Undocumented Students, Chicanx/Latinx Community, First Generation College Students, Students of Color
    Voicemail: (530) 752-0170

  • Scholars Promoting Education, Awareness, and Knowledge (SPEAK): “SPEAK is a student-run organization focused on supporting and empowering undocumented students at the University of California, Davis.”

Indigenous/Native Community Resources

International Community Resources

Middle Eastern/South Asian (MESA) Community Resources

  • Arab Student Union (ASU): The Arab Student Union is an organization aiming to unite and serve the Arab community on campus while educating the general student body of the University of California, Davis (UCD) about Arab culture.
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR): SacVal Chapter: “CAIR’s mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.”
    Phone: (916) 441-6269
  • Indian Student Association (ISA): “The Indian Student Association at UC Davis is the only undergraduate student run organization at UCD that allows for Indian as well as other students interested in Indian cultures and traditions to unite under one common organization.”
  • The ME/SA Pages: The Middle Eastern and South Asian Cultural Guide: “Within these pages you will find information about academics, student resources, student organizations and activites particularly relevant for those students who identify as Southwest Asian, North African, Middle Eastern, and/or South Asian.”
  • ME/SA Studies Department: The Middle East/South Asia Studies Program (ME/SA) at the University of California, Davis, was founded in 2004 as an undergraduate Minor in response to the demands of UC Davis students and the urgent need for understanding this crucial area of the world. In its first year, 1,052 students enrolled in ME/SA courses.
    Location: Kerr Hall
    Phone: (530) 754-4926
    Geetanjali Vij, MESA Studies Community and Outreach Coordinator:
    Gurjit Mann, MESA Studies Program Coordinator and Advisor:
  • Munisa Haque, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Clinical Counselor: Emphasis area in: Muslim American Students
    CAPS Phone: (530) 752-2349
  • Muslim Student Association (MSA): “Primarily designed to serve the diverse Muslim student population at Davis, the UCD MSA aims to create a space for Muslim students to meet, exchange ideas, grow together, and strive to increase their knowledge of the beautiful faith of Islam.”
  • The SEA Pages: The Southeast Asian Student Experience: “This resources guide provides information about academic, cultural, and communtiy resources helpful to Southeast-Asian identified students deciding how to make UC Davis their home.”
  • My Sister's House: “A safe haven for Asian and Pacific Islander and other underserved women and children impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.”
    24 Hour Multilingual Help Line: (916) 428-3271
    Business Phone: (916) 930-0626
  • Sheetal Shah, Community Advising Network (CAN) Counselor: Emphasis area in: Multicultural Counseling
    Phone: (530) 752-6255

Mixed Community Resources

  • Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference: “Critical Mixed Race studies is the transracial, transdisciplinary, and transnational critical analysis of the institutionalization of social, cultural, and political orders based on dominant conceptions of race.”
  • Mixed: Portraits of Multiracial Kids: “From beloved writer and artist Kip Fulbeck, author of Part Asian, 100% Hapa, this timely collection of portraits celebrates the faces and voices of mixed-race children. At a time when 7 million people in the U.S. alone identify as belonging to more than one race, interest in issues of multiracial identity is rapidly growing.”
  • One Drop of Love: "A multimedia one-woman show exploring the intersections of race, class and gender in search of truth, justice and LOVE."
  • Pushing Boundaries, Mixed-Race Artists Gain Notice: An article looking at mixed-race artists.
  • The Hapa Project: "A multiracial identity project created by artist kip fulbeck"
  • War baby, love child: “War Baby / Love Child examines hybrid Asian American identity through a collection of essays, artworks, and interviews at the intersection of critical mixed race studies and contemporary art.”

General Resources

  • AB540 and Undocumented Student Center: “Built on the foundation of educational equity and opportunity, the AB540 and Undocumented Student Center at UC Davis strives to empower undocumented students, their families and members of the community in being informed leaders and active participants in our communities.”
    Location: 1100 Student Community Center (1st floor)
    Phone: (530) 752-9538
    Andrea Gaytan, AB540 Center Director:
  • Center for Advocacy, Rights, and Education (CARE): A confidential resource for UC Davis affiliates who are survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.
    Location: There is a CARE office located on both the Davis and Sacramento campuses.  For directions to the CARE office on either campus, please contact the main office using the information provided below.
    Phone: (530) 752-3299
    Sarah Meredith, CARE Director:
  • Center for Student Involvement (CSI): “The CSI is the campus department through which groups register as a student organization at UC Davis. We are here to help groups operate successfully on campus and to support the educational experience which organizations provide for student members – as well as the entire campus community.”
    Location: 442 Memorial Union Building (4th floor)
    Phone: (530) 752-2027
  • Child Care and Family Services
  • Collective Transfer & Non-Traditional Student Empowerment: “Collective provides both academic and social support to empower transfer, re-entry, parent, and all non-traditional students to succeed in higher education.”
    Location: 1100 Student Community Center (1st floor inside the SRRC)
    Phone: (530) 754-6836 (ask about Collective)
    Virginia Perez-Gonzalez, Student Director/RROC Representative:
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP): “THe EOP strives to maintain a climate of academic excellence and maximize retention by providing academic, personal and social support and peer counseling.”
    Location: EOP Cottage
    Phone: (530) 752-9366
  • Internship and Career Center (ICC): “The ICC provides comprehensive career and professional development services to guide students and recent alumni in making informed career choices and connections.”
    Location: 117 South Hall
    Phone: 530-752-2855
    Marcie Kirk-Holland, ICC Executive Director:
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual Resource Center Resource Center (LGBTQIA+ RC): “The purpose of the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center is to provide an open, safe, inclusive space and community that is committed to challenging sexism, cissexism, genderism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism.”
    Location: 1100 Student Community Center (1st floor)
    Phone: (530) 752-2452
    elizabeth coté, LGBTQIA+ RC Director:
  • Student Academic Success Center (SASC): “The SASC is a large, multi-program Student Affairs department providing essential services, programs, and information for UC Davis students.”
    Location: 117 South Hall
    Phone: (530) 752-4475
  • Student Disability Center (SDC): “The SDC provides reasonable academic accommodations and support services that are individualized and flexible.”
    Location: 54 Cowell Building
    Phone: (530) 752-3184
  • Student Farm: “They are a community where students work to create, maintain and explore sustainable food systems. Among the many opportunities they provide, they also donate fresh produce to Fruit and Veggie Up and The Pantry to help address food insecurity on campus."
    Katharina Ullmann, Student Farm Director:

  • Student Health and Counselling Services (SHCS): “UC Davis SHCS provides a wide variety of medical, mental health and wellness services to all registered UC Davis students regardless of insurance coverage.”
    Location: 930 Orchard Rd
    Phone: (530) 752-2300

  • Student Recruitment and Retention Center (SRRC): “The SRRC stands for educational equity. Our student-run and student-initiated programs foster holistic academic and personal development while raising political and cultural awareness thus empowering students to act as dynamic leaders for their communities.”
    Location: 1100 Student Community Center (1st floor)
    Phone: (530) 754-6836
  • Veterans Success Center (VSC): “The VSC at UC Davis is committed to providing services to the student veterans, service members and dependents of the Armed Services.”
    Office: 243 Memorial Union (2nd floor)
    Phone: (530) 752-2020
  • Women’s Resources and Research Center (WRRC): “The WRRC provides opportunities to promote gender equity in the UC Davis community.”
    Phone: (530) 752-3372
    Cecily Nelson-Alford, WRRC Director:
  • We Thrive: Elevating Queer and Trans Community Health: This is a resource page that highlights LGBTQIA+ health and well-being resources at SHCS and elsewhere.