4th Annual Asian American & Pacific Islander Community Night Market

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Hxstorically, Asian American & Pacific Islander Community Night Market (APCNM) has been an end of the year event in the Spring for students and the broader community to come together. In collaboration with the Taiwanese American Organization in 2015, the culture night evolved into a Night Market, consisting of vendors, arts, crafts, cool trinkets, food, and performances from both students and professional groups. The motivation to hold an APCNM is to spark a revolution against the structures that reduce the Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) community to a monolithic entity, and to highlight our ability to come together, mobilize, and resist as a community with diverse experiences. This night was created to convey traditional and modern aspects of our experiences as AAPIs as well as provide a space to share resources, facilitate involvement, and inspire action within the AAPI community.

Our theme for this year, Embracing Our Hxstories: Creating Our Futures, highlights the empowerment that the AAPI community's interconnected hxstories can bring, as well as taking agency in our own futures! Our headliners for this year's Night Market are Lex the Lexicon Artist, Kevin “Klark” Xiong, and Ruby Ibarra.

This event is the apart of the 2019 Asian American & Pacific Islander Community Week! Check out the other events that will be held throughout the week below:

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Interested in helping plan this year's APCNM?

Spring quarter meetings will be held every Thursday from 2:00-3:00pm in the CCC Conference Room.

Interested in volunteering at this year's APCNM?

If you'd like to volunteer at this year's APCNM, sign up here!

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