2019 AA/PI Community Week: Boba, Falsies, Raves: Research on "ABG's"

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2019 Asian American & Pacific Islander Community Week


Leading up to the Night Market will be a week of programs focusing on an array of AAPI-focused issues, topics, and more. This event is a apart of a week-long community kickoff that ends with our 2019 Asian American & Pacific Islander Community Night Market. Our goal is to build a stronger community among folx who identify as AAPI at UC Davis and to maintain that connection for future years.

Our theme for this year, Embracing Our Hxstories: Creating Our Futures, highlights the empowerment that the AAPI community's interconnected hxstories can bring, as well as taking agency in our own futures!

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Boba, Falsies, and Raves: Research on "ABG"

"Boba, Falsies, and Raves" is an honors undergraduate research project conducted by Jacquelyn Tran, based out of the University of San Francisco during the 2016-17 school year. This project is an exploratory study on ABGs, and how youth of color create stereotypes within their own communities whereas literature on Asian American stereotypes focus largely on dominant producers of media and their depictions of Asian Americans. In the Greater Bay Area of California, youth ubiquitously understand and use the term “Asian Baby Girl” (ABG) to describe a particular type of Asian American woman. The people in this study discuss findings that intersect with ethnicity, gender, sexual behavior, authenticity, boundary maintenance, sub-cultural organization, immigration, and more. Free boba will be provided!

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Accessibility Accommodations

The Cross Cultural Center is committed to providing an accessible and welcoming environment for faculty, staff, students, and guests. To request an accommodation to participate in this event (including food allergies), please contact Ian Zamora (he/him) at idzamora@ucdavis.edu.

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