Peer Education and Community Empowerment (PEACE)


PEACE is a peer-to-peer education group. We are an organization ran by and for students from marginalized communities. We create educational workshops, community zines, art projects, and student organizing archive projects all in collaboration with community organizations on and off campus. The goal of these projects is to encourage critical consciousness and active allyship among different communities, and to advance, preserve, and uplift the work of organizers, organizations and marginalized students and communities on the UC Davis campus.

Organizations, departments, classrooms, and others-you can share these resources with your classrooms, organizations and more to start critical conversations about the positions of diverse communities within the university.

What We Offer

We offer trainings that are 1.5 or 2 hours long. We ask for at least a 2 school weeks notice for a workshop request. In order to request a PEACE workshop, please complete the PEACE Workshop Request form.

Here are the workshops we offer:

PEACE Training

Learn about intersectionality, multiple dimensions of identity and social identities in an effort to build social awareness and critical consciousness. 

Who Are You? Solidarity and Allyship Training

Solidarity and allyship are actions not identities. Training will cover identity exploration, cultural competency, privilege and oppression in relation to solidarity and allyship work.

Join the PEACE Cohort!

Be a part of planning and facilitating allyship training workshops, documenting community organizing, creating radical artwork and zines, and helping to create safer space for marginalized students on our campus!

Keep up to date with events and announcements on our PEACE Facebook page


Please feel free to contact Chaz Cruz (he/him/his) at (530) 752-4911 or