Adebayo Akintunde (he/him)

Adebayo Akintunde, Former Postdoctoral Fellow

Position Title
Former Postdoctoral Fellow


Adebayo Akintunde no longer works at the CCC.

Adebayo Akintunde (he/him) has a doctorate in Human Geography and advanced degrees in Community and Regional Development and Urban and Regional Planning. Born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria, he completed his early education in Nigeria before moving to the United States for his doctoral degree at UC Davis. Adebayo’s multicultural background evolved from his teaching and advocacy experiences in diverse communities both on campus and off campus. He was a teaching assistant with the Chicana/o studies, African and African American Studies, Sociology, Community Development and interned with the Sacramento branch of the International Rescue Committee. He also served as the Public Relations Officer to the Graduate Student Association at UC Davis, as co-chair of the Davis African Club, and as the international graduate student assistant with Services for International Students and Scholars. Adebayo is currently the director of the African Refugee Program with VIRTIS, a small NGO in Sacramento that addresses the mental health of veterans, immigrants and refugees in the region. He is very passionate about and dedicated to working with immigrant populations, particularly those from the underserved communities. Adebayo worked with Director, Bruce E. Smail and staff on several projects, including assessment of student participation at the center, a service learning project aimed at increasing civic responsibility and global understanding and citizenship; a new HIV prevention initiative and others that draw on his involvement in social justice and his doctoral scholarship.