Aiden Leong (he/him)

Aiden is a young adult with short brown hair wearing big rimmed glasses, smiling at the camera as he tucks his hands in front of him. He is wearing a burgundy and black jacket alongside a matching burgundy turtleneck. He is standing by trees and shrubbery in the background.

Position Title
Asian Pacific Islander Community Coordinator

Cross Cultural Center Staff Room
Office Hours
Mon/Thurs: 12:00-2:00pm

Aiden Leong (he/him) is a 3rd year Design major with a minor in Technology Management. As a first generation, Sino-Vietnamese, queer, low-income, immigrant student Aiden has felt the hardships of navigating higher education and society in general. Once he got into college, he became more involved with political and social activism and that is one of the reasons why he applied to work for the CCC. Not only does he want to help serve the A/PI community and combat issues surrounding it, he also wants to build proactive allyship toward other communities as well. Aiden cannot taste the bitterness of kale and has a 9 year old Corgi mix named Misu that is his ESA. Come visit his office hours to find out more on how to get involved with programming, to relax with Misu, or to just chat! He is more than glad to help and support you in anyway possible!