Cody Thach (he/him)

Cody is Vietnamese American. He is smiling with his teeth and has medium-length black hair with bangs that cover his forehead. He is wearing black-framed rectangular glasses, a dark gray button-down shirt which is unbuttoned, and a solid red t-shirt.

Position Title
Program Coordinator


Thạch Dương (he/him) works closely with the CCC’s Asian American/Pacific Islander student community, international student community, and PEACE. From his involvements in AAPI, international, and low-income/first generation college student groups while at Pomona College, he strongly identifies with and believes in student-centered and student-led activism. Upon college graduation, he briefly returned to his quê hương on a Fulbright grant, and then tried his hand at grassroots community organizing with Asians and Pacific Islanders for LGBTQ Equality- Los Angeles. He is excited to be back in higher education, despite its inaccessible and oppressive premises, because that is where he learned about conscientization. He hopes to work and continually learn alongside others at the CCC and the UC Davis community to promote critical consciousness and collective liberation from systemic and individual suffering and oppression. He also has snacks in his office if you want them.