Crystal Romero (she/her)

Crystal is a brown Mexican womxn seen pictured from the waist up. One hand is rested on her side while the other is held on her hip at waist level, her head is slightly tilted and she is seen smiling directly at the camera. Crystal is pictured with straight hair and she is wearing golden hoops. She is wearing a white and blue vertically stripped shirt with a slight v-neck.

Position Title
Annual Show Co-Chair

Cross Cultural Center
Office Hours
Wed: 12:00-2:00pm
Fri: 1:00-3:00pm

Crystal Romero (she/her) is a fifth year double majoring in Spanish and Chicanx Studies. Her hometown is Whittier, CA located in SoCal. She got involved with the CCC her second year when she became a board member for Danzantes del Alma and has held various other positions within the center since then. Crystal is passionate about advocating for marginalized communities and uplifting their voices, so if you want to know what she's working on for the year, drop by her office hours!