Helen Ma (she/her/they/them)

Helen is wearing a thin, burgundy mid-sleeve shirt and has long black hair with green golden streaks flowing past her shoulders. She has a black necklace tucked in her shirt  and glasses that are round in shape. She is smiling warmly.

Position Title
Asian Pacific Culture Week/Asian Pacific Islander Leadership Retreat Co-Coordinator

Cross Cultural Center Staff Room
Office Hours
Mon: 10:00-1:00pm
Wed: 1:00-2:00pm

Helen Ma (she/her/they/them) serves as one of this year's APCN Co-coordinator and is a representative of the 5ft and below club on campus. She enjoys positive affirmations (giving and receiving) and carrying fresh produce in her pockets. Helen works with various food related organizations on campus and is passionate about sustainability and addressing food insecurity. Identity exploration and drawing strength from one's own narrative is something she is working on and hopes to be your partner in. She is excited to address community needs and hearing what underrepresented individuals have to say. Stop by and voice your concerns or tell her a bad joke. She welcomes it all!