Iris Sanchez (she/her)

Iris is a Mexican American girl smiling. She is wearing a plain gray long sleeve shirt. She has long black hair but up close its actually brown. She is smiling with all her top teeth showing.

Position Title
Danzantes del Alma Student Co-Manager


Iris Sanchez (she/her) is a second year electrical engineer. She is from the bay area more specific, Union City. She loves to try new things and explore what the world has to offer. Her main goal after graduating is travel around the world to gain more knowledge about the cultures that are on this earth. She has been dancing folklorico for about 7 years and can't imagine life without it. She also played flute from middle school to high school and still enjoys playing it to this day. She is happy to be a part of the CCC staff this year. Feel free to ask her question about DdA.