Ix'Chel Osmara Martinez Moreno (she/her)

Position Title
Native/Indigenous Community Coordinator

Office Hours
By appointment

Ix’Chel Osmara Martinez Moreno (she/her) is a second year transfer double majoring in Native American Studies and Chicanx Studies with a minor in Education. Ix’Chel is a loved daughter of Rosa Maria Moreno Ayala, and granddaughter of Maria Luisa Ayala Vega. Born & raised in Varrio Logan/ Sherman, San Diego, she reclaims her Indigenous P’urhépecha blood, heart and soul. Ix’Chel is growing to be a future high school educator, friend, counselor, and sister to many youth of color. She hopes to motivate, and encourage youth to express their spirit fearlessly, as we all carry our fire within. Throughout the past seven years, Ix’Chel Osmara has been a part of different organizing groups in San Diego. To this day, she collectively contributes to Project on Youth Non-Military Opportunities, Conciencia Rebelde en Acción, and other collective community spaces. She does so in order to collectively resist against the hetero-patriarchal system that continues to dehumanize, murder, and incarcerate folx. Ix’Chel shares her passion with all that cross her path while releasing and shaping her authentic healing heart. With love and excitement she is prepared to contribute and experience community building within the Cross Cultural Center at UC Davis.