Kaleemah Kennon Muttaqi (she/her)

Kaleemah is wearing a black dress, with a pink cardigan on top. She is wearing a brown hijab (headscarf), with silver hoop earrings. She is smiling and her hands are crossed in front of her.

Position Title
Campus Climate II Student Coordinator (General)

Cross Cultural Center
Office Hours
Mon: 12:00-2:00pm
Wed: 1:00-3:00pm

Kaleemah Muttaqi (she/her) is a fourth year International Relations major, and transfer student from Cosumnes River College. As a Sacramento native, with roots in the Bay Area, she is passionate about issues pertaining to her community. Having lived abroad as a child, she looks for ways to connect local & global current events and narratives. She strongly believes that fostering strong inter-communal relations is the only key to revolutionary change. Alongside her position at the Cross Cultural Center, she serves as an Administrative Director for the Black Pre Law Student Association, as well as a staff writer & copy editor for the Davis Political Review. Kaleemah is a multi-racial Muslimah who's diverse background fuels her activism and social justice work. She hopes to one day travel the world, fighting for and learning from her brothers & sisters across the globe.