Kaleemah Muttaqi (she/her)

Kaleemah is Muslim-American girl smiling. She is wearing a black headscarf with a black shirt and jacket. She is standing in front of a green background, filled with various trees and shrubbery.

Position Title
VIP (Mixed Heritage Community Coordinator)


Kaleemah Muttaqi (she/her) is a Muslim-American, of mixed heritage ancestry. She recently transferred to Davis as an International Relations major, and currently serves as a National Writer/Copy Editor for the Davis Political Review. Her hobbies include reading, poetry, and anything animal-related. Having grown up in an activist-centered home, social justice and community organizing serve as major focuses in her day-to-day life. She was initially drawn to the CCC due to its commitments to those very values. When not writing or catching up on sleep, you can find Kaleemah conversing about a variety of topics, ranging from intersectionality and revolutionary ideology, to vegan cookies and feline friends.