Kat Chiu-Baldeon (she/her)

Position Title
La Gran Tardeada Co-Coordinator

Office Hours
By appointment

Katherine Chiu (she/her) is an immigrant from Miami, Florida. Culturally, she is Peruvian and Chinese. She is working on getting two degrees here at University of California, Davis in cognitive science and international relations. Kat believes in taking an all-inclusive approach for this year’s Gran Tardeada. Her goal is to acknowledge all aspects of a student's intersectional identities, and help them unify their different ideas in the Latinx community in order to create a more inclusive Gran Tardeada experience. Kat is striving to be a true agent of change, not only working on Gran Tardeada, but also through addressing and challenging issues of access, equity, diversity, and liberation work. Aside from work, she loves the beach, going to concerts, dancing salsa, bachata,..etc