Lisa Pennes (she/her)

Lisa is a Puerto Rican and Native American woman who is smiling. She has brown eyes and short curly brown hair, right above the shoulders. She is wearing long feather earrings and a dark purple long sleeved sweater.

Position Title
Program Coordinator

Cross Cultural Center Rm 1312
Office Hours
Tues: 1:00pm-3:00pm

Lisa Pennes (she/her) is Puerto Rican and Native American and grew up in San Francisco, CA. She has provided direct services and resources to a diverse set of communities for 8+ years. She would consider herself an ambivert, meaning that she enjoys an even balance of spending time in social settings as well as spending time alone. Her free time is mostly spent reading, visiting family in the Bay Area, having deep discussions with colleagues, taking her dog to the park and cooking meals with close friends.