Maria Paola “Pao” Murillo (she/her)

Maria Paola is a Mexican girl smiling. She has long black hair and wears round spectacles. She is wearing a black and pink shirt stripped shirt.

Position Title
Danzantes del Alma Wardrobe Co-Chair

Danzantes del Alma Wardrobe Room

Maria Paola (she/her) is a 4th year Civil Engineering Major with a double minor in Spanish and Construction Management. She is an International student from Mexicali, Mexico, which is a border town with United States; therefore, she has been exposed to both cultures since she can remember. Maria Paola used to cross the border from Mexico to the United States every day to go to school. Moreover, she saw more fit to keep excelling in her education within the United States but she also missed her home and her roots and found Danzantes del Alma de UC Davis, which has become her home away from home since her freshmen year. She is also part of the Construction Management team and is very involved within the College of Engineering.