Monique Soto (she/her)

Monique Soto is a Mexican-American girl who is smiling. She has her hair in two braids which are then made into a bun. She has faded red hair because she has not dyed it since June 2017, thus her dark brown roots are showing as well. She is wearing a coral/tropical punch colored sweater from Victoria's Secret's brand "PINK."

Position Title
VIP (La Raza Cultural Days)


Monique Soto (she/her) is in her third year at UC Davis. She is double majoring in Spanish and Sociology, maybe pursuing a minor in Portuguese. She attends DCF large group every Tuesday night from 8 pm-10 pm to praise Jesus Christ. Monique wanted to work at the CCC because she wanted to promote campus diversity since she is part of a minority group. Also, she was interested in Social Justice and wanted to learn about opportunities that would help her make a difference at UC Davis. Fun Fact about Monique: She knows sixteen digits of the number pi!