Olivia Hernandez (she/her)

Position Title
Associate Director

Student Community Center, Room 1310

Olivia Hernandez (she/her) is a second generation Mexican American, Fat Femme Queer, Xicana, educator and Artivist. She was born and raised in Watsonville, CA. She earned her bachelor of arts from UC Davis in Art Studio and Chicanx/Latinx Studies. She is committed to providing critical community engagement through artivism, collective homie efforts and holistic support that aim to uplift and empower different communities. She loves being a part of the process towards radical change and growth. Her strengths are her creative approaches to visual representations and work and the bright and vibrant energy she brings in all spaces she is a part of. She is excited to work as one of the Cross Cultural Center’s Program Coordinator and see what she can do to continue the legacy that has been laid down from start of the CCC’s creation. Olivia also loves connecting about screen printing, fierceness and fabulosity in all capacities and food.