Chatngern "Pete" Srivarom (he/him/they/them/she/hers)

Chatngern, or Pete, is a Thai-American person smiling with short, back hair in an undercut. They are wearing a black button up, a black and gold sabai, gold chains, a pearl necklace, and is holding a fan.

Position Title
Asian American & Pacific Islander Community Night Market Co-Coordinator

Cross Cultural Center
Office Hours
Mon/Fri: 12:00-2:00pm

Chatngern "Pete" Srivarom (he/him/they/them/she/hers) is a third year Environmental Science and Management Major. They are originally from Thailand, then moved to Los Angeles and then the Bay Area. She is co-coordinating the Asian/Pacific Islander Community Night Market event this year, and hopes to bring a night full of fun, food, and performances. He is also coordinating APIQ (Asian/Pacific Islander Queers). This year at the CCC, they wish to bring more visibility to Southeast Asians in A/PI spaces, uplifting queer folx in the A/PI community, and bring more awareness to sustainability and environmental issues.