UC Davis 47th Annual Powwow on Saturday, April 20, 2019


Powwow celebrates the traditions and contributions of Indigenous people and cultures. The powwow creates a space on the UC Davis campus for Native American music, dance, Native voices, art and culture to be vibrantly visible. It provides opportunities for the campus and local Native community to build connections to address the social, cultural, historical and political issues facing Indigenous people. Powwow educates our UC Davis campus and larger community about the diverse cultural elements that comprise and contribute to our society. It promoted cross-cultural communication and alliances by providing opportunities for community and leadership experiences and development for the student community at UC Davis. The Davis powwow presents speakers, workshops, seminars, art exhibits, performing artists, films, receptions, cultural ceremonies and educates and empowers youth through outreach conferences.

Created in 1969, the first UC Davis Powwow was hosted in conjunction with the creation of the Native American Studies Department. In the years to follow, the powwow has been the culminating event for the Native American Culture Days events and programs.

The UC Davis powwow is a nationally recognized event that has benefited the campus since its inception and continues to be the premier cultural event for Native Americans and Indigenous peoples in the surrounding local community. Our powwow has hosted and showcased vendors, dancers, judges, head staff, drum groups and attendees from not only all over California but all throughout Indian Country.

The powwow provides an opportunity for many Native American youth, families and community members to join UC Davis in celebration of our cultural traditions and practices. It has served as an excellent recruitment event for prospective undergraduate and graduate students and retention tool for Native students currently enrolled at UC Davis. For some community members the UC Davis powwow may be their first experience on a college campus where they get to see there is a strong Native American presence and community on campus.

Davis students who are involved with the planning of the powwow are able to maintain their roots and build a stronger connection to their identity while navigating their experience as an Indigenous scholar in a Western educational institution. The UC Davis student organized and run powwow is one of the longest running student powwows in California.

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The 5th annual Indigenous Arts Market will take place on April 19, 2019 and the 47th annual UC Davis Powwow will take place on April 20, 2019.

Please check back here for more information about the 47th Annual UC Davis Powwow and 5th Annual Indigenous Arts Market!


Please feel free to contact Mary Jane Andreas (she/her) at (530) 752-6620 or mjandreas@ucdavis.edu. You can also contact Powwow coordinator, Tori McConnell (she/her) at tjmcconnell@ucdavis.edu.