Request a workshop

Our guidelines for requesting a workshop:

  1. We require that the time allotted for a workshop be a minimum of 90 minutes and that participants be present for the entire time. This is the minimum amount of time in which an effective workshop can be completed. Please make sure all participants plan to be available for the full hour and a half.
  2. We recommend a minimum of 8 participants. If there are less than 8 people, then we will do a short presentation, but not the entire workshop.
  3. PEACE requires at least 3 school weeks notice before the workshop date requested; because our weekly meetings are on Wednesdays, we recommend turning in all requests the Monday or Tuesday two weeks before the date you would like the workshop.
  4. All workshop requests also require a short (15 minute) in-person meeting with PEACE in the Cross Cultural Center prior to your workshop date. We do this in order to confirm logistics, as well as workshop goals. We will schedule this with you after a pair of facilitators is assigned to your workshop.
  5. It is important that we start on time. We need the full time allotted so that the workshop has time to fully develop and we are able to get to all the activities we plan ahead of time. If there are not 8 people present by 10 mins after the stated time, we will proceed with the short presentation.
  6. We ask that every requesting group provides an accessible space for their participants. As part of our core values as a peer-ed cohort, we want our workshop locations to be open and inclusive to all people: if you need assistance finding and reserving spaces like these on the UC Davis campus, please let us know ahead of time.
  7. Lastly, it is important to remember that this workshop aims to be a constructive and brave space. PEACE facilitates workshops where participants have made a self-assessed commitment to actively engage in the content presented. All workshops are voluntary spaces -- participants should come only if they want to, and the workshop cannot be mandatory.

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