Student Food Booths

Registered student organizations that are in good standing (as per the UC Davis Center for Student Involvement) can raise money for their organization during the following annual events via a food booth: La Gran Tardeada, Asian Pacific Culture Night, and/or Black Family Day. Interested groups can apply via the following:

  1. Fill out a food booth application thoroughly (check back here for the application and instructions)

  2. Complete the online food booth training (two students from the organization must complete and print out certificates)

  3. Attend in-person food booth training (Winter quarter) and refresher course (Spring quarter) (the same two individuals from the organization must attend the training and refresher course. Dates to be provided by January)

  4. Comply with all food and safety regulations as outlined in the application and presented in the trainings.

You can reach out to the respective events' Student Coordinators and Program Coordinators for assistance in any or all of these areas.

Please be mindful of deadlines and thoroughly review the food and safety rules and regulations. Failure to do so can result in delays in the application and training process, and potential removal of the food booth up until the day of or during the event.