46th annual powwow banner with native dancer


Powwow, as practiced today, is a social gathering intended to provide the campus and local community a space to learn about, engage with, and celebrate the traditions and cultures of Indigenous peoples, and bring visibility to the vibrancy of Native American music, dance, and arts. Held in 1969, the first UC Davis Powwow was hosted in conjunction with the creation of the Native American Studies Department and has since been the culminating event for the Native American Culture Days events and programs. The UC Davis Powwow is student-run and student-planned, standing as one of the longest running student powwows in California. 

Those who serve on the UC Davis Powwow Committee are able to maintain their roots and build a stronger connection to their Indigenous identities, while navigating a Western educational institution. The annual event has gained national recognition for hosting vendors, dancers, judges, head staff, drum groups, and attendees from both California and all throughout Indian Country. The UC Davis Powwow also benefits the campus community by promoting cross-cultural communication and alliances and supporting both the recruitment and retention of Native American students at UC Davis. Altogether, everything put into preparing and holding the annual UC Davis Powwow affords the opportunity for the campus and local Native community to build connections to address the social, cultural, historical and political issues facing Indigenous people today.

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Thank you so much for a wonderful 2019 Indigenous Arts Market and Powwow!

Please check back here for more information about the 48th Annual UC Davis Powwow and 6th Annual Indigenous Arts Market!


Please feel free to contact Mary Jane Andreas (she/her) at (530) 752-6620 or mjandreas@ucdavis.edu.